Friday, May 21, 2010

Di sini ku bermula...

Away for several months (almost a year I think) for my bussssssyyyyy final year project. Now, I'm doing my practical in ABI (Agro-Biotechnology Institue Malaysia) di UPM Serdang (my last official task as UM student). Report duty 10 Mei lepas. Projek? Currently join Live Feed team. Totally different with what i'm doing for my final year project. Obviously, I did'nt learn about it before and I take it as a challenge.

Labmate? Nice....yes I'm very sure! All of them are very kind to me. They teach and encourage me to learn this new thing. Some of them from UPM (miss Ili and miss Feza), from UNISEL (miss Ainul), from UIA (miss Ninie as our RA) and from BeST program, miss Syud....Yeah!!....thank you for your kindness. (owh sorry! my supervisor also, mr azlan....ampun bos! forget to mention your name earlier)

Wanna know what i'm deal with???

Rotifer = plankton = Brachionus plicalitis

Nanno = Microalgae =
Nannochloropsis oculata

p/s: haiiyaaa...never heard all these before....