Saturday, July 25, 2009


Dah lama tak bertandang ke blog sendiri. Selalu jenguk blog orang lain saje...wwee~~
Sekarang aku dah masuk tahun tiga. Hopefully it become my final year. Lots of work and reading have to be done. Ohh ye! Aku dapat buat projek tahun ni dengan Prof Madya Dr Jennifefr Anna Harikrishna. Dr Jenni bagi tajuk 'Isolation MYB gene sequences from orchid'. Actually in this project, I will use Dendrobium hybrid orchid (orkid yang warna purple terang dan ada petal yang besar). Su Ee and Sook Yi (both of them are postgraduate student will help me through out these two semester project). I already meet them yesterday and Su Ee had gave me a one full page briefing on what I sholud do (of course with some do and dont's attitude n lab). We (I mean me and all my friends under Dr Jenni as supervisor) had a nice, friendly and helpful senior. Eventhough we're still new in research field, they encourage us to learn more in lab and beyond hat we're doing.
Okay, just a little intro on what I will do with this orchid.
1. DNA extraction
2. Primer design
3. Test primer
4. RNA extraction
5. Cloning
6. Sequencing
I don't have any experience doing all these except paper theory and additional reading from Wiki. Project will start very soon and what I should do now is read, read and more read.
pssst: not forget also for literature review, proposal writing and thesis. (^_*)v
And today, I had one more workshop before I am going for my internship in third semester. I joined class title 'Personal Branding' conducted by two men from......eemmm....alamak! tak ingat.
We had group task on making our own brand and I enjoyed myself. 9am till 130pm session quite too short for me as I make a new friends and interact with each other.
Selalu terfikir nak tutup je blog ni sebab dah lama sangat tak buat entri. Patutkah aku? Tolong bagi cadangan...
p/s: thanks to paan for visiting my blog and make it useful for you to find Syarikat Kamal. =D